One nation under food

With today's highly important Presidential Primaries, I began to ponder "What IS American cuisine?"

We, The United States Of America, were founded by British settlers; however, this land we love was already home to Native Americans and had been for hundreds of years. Shortly before those three fleeing vessels ran aground on Plymouth Rock, Dutch settlers had already made homes along the North Eastern shores, presently known as New York and even before that, Spaniards were following the trail of a popular explorer, Christopher Columbus. Already, our pre-country was a melting pot of culture and flavors.

Let's bring it up to present day. The good ole US of A is filled with more ethnicities, more religions, and more traditions than any country in the world, making for a culinary cornucopia of flavors and textures.

So how does one answer the question "What IS American cuisine?" with certainty? Okay, everyone think about this and before second-guessing yourself, blurt out the answer. Its okay to say it out loud, no one will think you are crazy and while you are at it, list it below. What did you say? Apple Pie? Hot Dogs? Chili? Hamburgers?

Well, in honor of voting day, I liked to share an old family recipe for what I think is truly American cuisine. Fried Chicken. Go home Tuesday night, proudly wearing your "I Voted" sticker and fry up this American tradition, calories be damned. And even if you don't make this recipe, VOTE!